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>> Location: Seattle, WA, USA

> > Genre: Deep House, Chicago House, Psychedelic House, Chill Out, Ibiza, Balaeric Beat, Lounge, EDM, Experimental

>> Independent label, unsigned

>> Formed 2008

Chain of Chaos, is an experimental electronic music band, based in Seattle, WA. Chain of Chaos has been at the acclaimed for cool and edgy music that gets you grovin' and chillin' to the vibe. Formed in 2008, it's roots began in Chicago's River North neighborhood in the industrial loft district.  The music set the stage and originated "Neu Haus" with it's freestyle expression and  fusion of Deep House, Chicago House, Ibiza, Latin, Funk, Psychadelic and Chillout vibes.  The musical style is instrumental emphasizing  piano, bass, drums, and synthesizer.  Influenced by Ibiza and Balearic Beat, Chain of Chaos today stretches sonic boundaries and explores new rhythms for  DJ, club, chill out and dance.

Chain of Chaos music is distributed by several digital aggregators and can be found also on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. Many songs have been licensed for commercial purposes through AudioSparx and RadioSparx.  Recent albums include " Neu Haus Party", "Electron", "Pandora's Box", "Outer Limits" and "Acid Rain". Over the years Chain of Chaos has evolved and pushed beyond the edges of Electronica and House music. One of the more popular songs of 2016 include "Neu Haus Party" and can be found on multiple US, UK and international compilation albums.

Currently, Chain of Chaos has released a new album of 24 songs on the album "Neu Haus Party". This album contains remastered "Neu Haus Party", "Sugarz House" "Dat Spicy Sauce", "Titanuim" and "Maus in da House" songs. Stay tuned for more information. Chains of Chaos plans for 2016 include more chill and deep house albums.