About Chain of Chaos
Leave me never,
keep me wild
and keep me free
so that my
brokeness will be,
the only beauty
the world will see."

Robert M. Drake, Black Butterfly

Chain of Chaos, inspired by the chaos we live in, and the necessary calm that music evokes.

Seattle-based producer, composer, and keyboardist Chain of Chaos constructs an instrumental fusion of Funk, Jazz, Chill, Ibiza, and House soundscapes. Born and raised in Chicago, the artist was influenced by the city's diverse Jazz-Fusion music scene. Seattle is now his home where he spends his time creating music, practicing yoga, beach walking, and hiking. Chain of Chaos has evolved in the past decade from experimental to distinctive NuJazz/Acid Jazz-fusion. His influences include Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke as well as Miles Davis, Beck and Carlos Santana. The artist's music has been used for broadcast and in over 3000 compilation albums since 2008 with record publishing companies including Ameritz Music Ltd, Ecstasy Records, AudioSparx, Rehegoo Music, Rosenklang,Tencent, Wantreez, and Xelon.

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Available May 1, 2021 on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more.

Lucid Dreams is the 6th official album from Chain of Chaos, an Acid Jazz/NuJazz artist from Seattle, Washington. The album represents a collection of smooth jazz compositions with electric bass/fretless electric bass, electric piano, sax, and drums. Released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more.


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